Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL equals a network of six parks in Western Switzerland covering all Innovation Areas.
Highly skilled humans, top equipped laboratories and a unique atmosphere ensure the creation of tomorrows best sellers.
If your company is willing to change the market rules, make sure to be part of those relentlessly moving up and join us.


Computer and Computational Science

Data security (for example blockchain), data analytics, artificial intelligence, storage technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart sensors, cloud computing, bioinformatics

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Energy, Natural Resources and Environment

Energy storage, smart grids, power generation, smart building/living, energy/resource efficiency, green chemistry, alternative energy sources

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Health and Life Sciences

Drug discovery and design, personalized medicine, medtech, biotech, diagnostics, biomedical engineering, nutrition, digital health, healthcare

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Materials and Manufacturing

Robotics, automation, industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, accelerator technology, nondestructive testing, new materials, nanotechnology, microelectronics

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Mobility and Transportation

Aviation and space, autonomous driving, avionics and drones, electric mobility and batteries, traffic planning and transport systems, mobility infrastructure.

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Who we are

EPFL and the Cantons of Fribourg, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Vaud and Valais have joined their forces to Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL, which provides innovative global visibility and strengthen the economic and innovative status of Western-Switzerland. This common initative is based on six specialised sites.

Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL aims to attract, secure and develop private research and investments for the innovations that will create game-changing products.

Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL creates a platform for domestic and international companies of all kinds – a platform allowing companies to further their research activities in partnership with our universities and higher-education institutions. The sharing of ideas between researchers, talented individuals, and innovative entrepreneurs creates breeding grounds for innovation.

SIP-West Network

Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL consists of six sites active in five Innovation Areas.

Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL

  • is a platform that allows universities and innovative companies to collaborate and use their research results for the development of marketable products and services;
  • provides breeding grounds for innovations; and
  • give you to profit from Switzerland as one of the most innovative countries in the world.

Our objectives and responsibilities

Switzerland Innvation Park Network West EPFL aims to attract Swiss and foreign companies in need of advanced research and disruptive technologies to develop new markets and simultaneously create a national and international showcase.

The motivation of partnerships between private companies, cantons and universities increases technology transfer and leads new products and job creation.


Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL is acting as a bridge between the scientific and the industrial world.

Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL optimizes the very strong existing match between the scientific and technological developments of the Swiss academic environment and the specializations of the Swiss economic fabric ecosystem.