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Accelerate Your Innovation Journey with the Swiss Soft Landing Program

Embark on a transformative voyage with our Soft Landing Program to harness the potential of Swiss research & innovation ecosystems. Why Switzerland? Renowned as the world's most innovative country, Switzerland provides the ideal setting for your next venture. Explore how our program can fast-track your innovation journey, translating research into market-ready products and services.

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Supercharge your innovation with a Swiss ‘Soft Landing’

Switzerland is known as the most innovative country in the world. Discover how a unique, tailor-made program in the west of the country can help accelerate your innovation ambitions, turning research into marketable products and services.

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Start des Schweizerischen Innovationsparks

Medienmitteilung Bern, 18. Januar 2016 Der Schweizerische Innovationspark Switzerland Innovation wurde heute offiziell eröffnet. Bundespräsident...

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